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"High on a mountain way out of town, it's a Saturday night and the folks gather round. Drink a little moonshine, eat a little meat, it's a hillybilly rock n' roll treat" - This first verse of the hillybilly rock n' roll song sums us up really and has inspired us to get cracking on organising another successful festival.



Staxtonbury, the Family Music Festival, showcasing local talent from the area. For the second time the event will take place at Manor Farm, Staxton.



Wow, what a brilliant festival we had in 2013, you could feel the vibrant friendly atmosphere in the air throughout the weekend. We are really going to have to do something special to beat that weekend, but we like a challenge. With some exciting new ideas for Staxtonbury VI 2014, we will give it a good go! Let's see if we can keep the momentum going that we have built up between us over these last 5 years and keep to our aim of improving year on year.

We do really appreciate your support, enthusiasm and help you have given us in the past which has helped to improve the facilities and attractions we are now able to offer. Between us all we have managed to put Staxtonbury well and truly on the festival map and establish it as the best known Family Music Festival in North Yorkshire.

Last year many people remarked on the fact that there was a real friendly buzz around the site, the field was a picture, the crowd were brilliant, the bands, artists and entertainers were all fantastic. The icing on the cake was the weather, which was probably the best we have had so far even exceeding the Mediterranean temperatures on the Saturday! Not bad for a little festival near Scarborough.

It was great to give a good ole' Yorkshire welcome to families as far a field as Scotland, Wales, London, Essex, Norfolk, Cumbria and a special mention must be given to the Bowles family who travelled over from America to see us. Groups from Lincolnshire, Lancashire and Nottinghamshire (Mansfield to be precise) and many new faces from York boosted the numbers and tested the site, which accommodated everyone with room to spare.

2014 Staxtonbury Map and Guide
*may be subject to changes.

Quote by Jonny Greenwood (Yorkshire Coast Gigs - "In my view this is the best 3 day music festival you'll experience for under fifty quid "












Although we had applications from bands over in Belgium and Ireland and as far afield as Scotland and Cornwall we still try and cover all genres of music, mainly from Yorkshire. This year will again see a lot of the regulars back and we have invited a few new ones to see what they have to offer. There will be themed nights on the marquee stage with an American theme on the 4th July (what else!) and a 60's / 70's night on Saturday 5th. All three stages will host some of the top local young bands and artists on Sunday afternoon, giving the chance, as we always try to, to let the up and coming stars to sample the big stage and festival experience. We will also see some cookery and archery exhibitions as well as the usual tennis/football coaching and the fabulous Magic Mike Show.

For all those thinking about sampling the Staxtonbury experience for the first time have a look at Staxtonbury on Youtube to see the sort of things we get up to, and also check out previous festivals on Coastwatch's and Ruston's photography websites. If you enjoy idyllic country settings with lots of fresh air, sunshine, good music, great food and the best local real ales with loads of free entertainment for children and families alike along with free camping all within the family budget then Staxtonbury is definitely the festival for you.


However if you prefer to pay extra for camping, parking, booking fees, kids entertainment, over the odds for beer as well as being restricted with what you can take into an arena, park your cars miles from your tents and being squashed up next to neighbours tents, then Staxtonbury probably isn't for you.

You don't have to wait for the weather forecast we will have a good weekend no matter what happens! If you haven't been to a festival before but would like to see what it's like then Staxtonbury is certainly a great one to start with. We are not nearly at the same scale as the one down south with a similar name but you will be met (as always) by Geoff on the main gate, given your wristbands by Thomo and Steff at the arena entrance, helped out by Ian (The Bushman) and his bushwackers and watched over by Big Luke and the Musclemen (not any band - it's the security team!). All in all a very friendly bunch who are all experienced in the art of making you feel safe, secure and at ease so you can enjoy the festival whether you are coming for the whole weekend or just a few hours. If you need anything there is always someone to help or advise you, and if we can't do it the friendly locals certainly will. You will be amazed at the friendly atmosphere that seems to descend on the site as the festival gets under way and if last year is anything to go by, everyone had a brilliant time.


If you really want to you can listen to Andy (Thomas the baker) will serenade his customers, or let Rich (The Milkshake) will show you some of his Zumba moves (check them out on YouTube Staxtonbury 2014). All this said get cracking and book through the website, let us know what you think and if there is anything you want to ask or suggest contact Ray or Mark (details on the how to find us page). Hope to see you all for another amazing July weekend.

If you are thinking about going to see the start of the Sunday stage of the Tour de France then we are only 35 miles (40 mins approx) away. Please select our dedicated page from the menu for any special offers and extra information.

All the best from
"The Staxtonbury Team"

Described by NME as "... with a varied line-up from folk to hard rock, Staxtonbury is easily North Yorkshire's most notable musical event"

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