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Family Music Festival

Hi, and welcome to Staxtonbury 2016, probably the friendliest Music Festival in the country. If you like sunshine, fresh air and beautiful countryside, having a laugh, making new friends with all kinds of music and activities thrown in for good measure then read on.....

It will be awesome if we can continue the goals we have set ourselves from the begining (2009) of improving year upon year, but with some new initiatives for 2016 we will certainly be giving it a go.

After a brilliant Staxtonbury 7 last summer it is going to be difficult to achieve this. After taking giant steps in all aspects of the festival not least with the sound and lighting on all four stages it's going to be a heck of a challenge, but one we are looking forward to. It is a credit to all concerned, including you guys who came, that we received the bronze award in the best event catagory for 2015 on the East Coast behind Armed Forces Day and the Tour de Yorkshire, that is some achievement and thank you to those who nominated and voted for us!

Someone likened us to the 'Fields of Dreams' film last year, "build it and they will come" and that is exactly what has happened. We had our biggest crowd ever and with everyone having such a good time we anticipate keeping the trend going with more of the same. So roll on July let's all have a great weekend to remember!


Staxtonbury, the Family Music Festival, showcasing local talent from the area. For the second time the event will take place at Manor Farm, Staxton.

Click the logo above for your 2016 arena map! (PDF)

What's new in store?

There will be some new initiatives this year which will effect the security and layout of the site, this will create lots more space for family camping and at the same time making sure we keep the safe friendly family atmosphere that has become our trademark over the past seven years. We will be providing extra marquees, extra family activities and even an open air cinema to enhance the theme nights we have in store for any Grease and Abba fans.

We will see the return of the biggest straw bears in the country, hopefully with some new additions and even see the return of the showers (not the rain or a band!).

The Glamping site will be bigger, as will the childrens marquee and the jammin marquee. The themed night this year will be 'Grease' on the Friday Night, with some specialist 70's bands performing before the 'Grease' film will be shown on our open air cinema, courtesy of the Moonlight Cinema, Scarborough. On Saturday we have an Abba themed night with the top northern Abba tribute band ' Swede Dreamz' performing prior to the film 'Mama Mia'. ***ANYONE IN COSTUME THESE NIGHTS WILL RECEIVE A FREE GIFT***

if these themes are not your thing the main stage of course will have some of the top bands form the North of England performing or if you wish to be entertained in a more sedate manner we have invited most of the best acoustic artists in the North to perform over the weekend on the acoustic stage, probably the best gathering of these artistes ever under one roof (canvas). For those of you who do not like music, singing or dancing we have invited some comedians to help cheer you up. If all these fail to tickle your taste buds Clive and his team will be at the bars and will do their best to make you feel better. All in all there should be something going on for everyone over the weekend with even more activities for the children (including their own cinema) - check out the link to see what is in store and if it's not listed let us know and we will see what we can do.

So theres only one thing left to do. Get your friends, families, work colleagues, neighbours or like minded people together and get it booked now so you can get planning. We have special packs for groups of ten or more which can be requested through the contacts page or by ringing Ray on 07798655416, even if you are a small group let us know if you are celebrating something over the weekend and we will see if we can help make it a bit more special.

If you are coming to Staxtonbury for the first time please ensure you tell us via the option when you book your tickets and we will give you some ideas what you will or won't need.

We say it every year but there are still some of you who still gamble by leaving the booking until the last minute, book early so you can get yourselves organised and ready for what promises to be our best festival yet. Staxtonbury really is such a friendly festival, not only will our staff make you feel part of the family you will find the regulars all willing to lend a hand and help you become part of the 'Stackers' crowd.

This really is the festival to try if you have not been to one before and certainly one you need to bring the children to get them in to the swing of having fun and freedom in the fresh air, and lovely picturesque Yorkshire countryside.

One last thing the guys (and Steff) have asked us to particularly thank everyone who camped in the family field last year as it was left almost spotless on the sunday evening, it was much appreciated.

Looking forward to seeing all our old friends and making lots of new friends again this year.
The Staxtonbury Team!"

aka. Ray, Chappers, Bushwacker, Bob, Tone, Ant, Tom, Thommo, Jez, Tim, Peter, Geoff, The Bears, Big Rich, Paul, Tommy, Geoff,
Rob, Crockers, Scafolder Neil, Big Luke and The Muscle Men and not forgetting little Steff!

Described by NME as "... with a varied line-up from folk to hard rock, Staxtonbury is easily North Yorkshire's most notable musical event"

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